A lovely white Burgundy

A few years ago (2008) I went on holiday to Burgundy staying in a brilliant apartment above a winery in Chorey les Beaune. Over the course of the trip we visited a few estates but with a non crawling youngster were a little limited so tended to pop in on odd occasions to places. We were with friends and so apart from a couple of visits which we planned most were on the hoof with either a wife and child (sort of in tow), a friend or on this occasion a friend and his wife.

Aside from Bize, we also popped in during afternoon nap time to Tollot Beaut (two of us went for a walk, saw the sign and Nathalie was accommodating enough to show us around there and then), a boys trip to Chanson, and amazing solo trip to see Pierre Morey and a group visit to Louis Latour.

Perhaps my one regret was not walking more in the vineyards, but with Burgundy so close, children getting older and a love affair with the region I can’t imagine it will be a place I don’t see again.

Domain Simon Bize Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru ‘Les Vergellesses’ 2006

Lovely mature nose, citrus, butter pastry and  mineral, on the palate it is intense and concentrated with apricot and baked lemon notes. Mineral and long with really lovely freshness this has really good complexity. It’s exactly where I like white Burgundy to be in terms of maturity. It has a slightly creamy texture some nutty tones of cashew and almond. Terrific stuff. 91 pts.

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