The New Year officially heralds the end of my ‘sabbatical’ which has been a really good and useful time, but now it is time to re-enter the world of work and go about finding my next job role.

I’m really excited by what this might bring, but also a little daunted by the process of finding it – as I get older and as I get more and more family responsibilities the list of pre-requisites seems to get longer and longer and so my job search gets narrower and narrower. So for instance in order to be able to spend time with my children every day (or at least most days) I don’t really want a job working in an office in central London five days a week – that – along with certain other things will take out the vast majority of the job market – but on the other hand what it should mean is that I only accept a role that I really want to do, in a company that I want to work for in a place that I want to work in. Putting those three things together will mean that I ought to be able to excel in whatever position I find myself in and am able to give the role a good number of years.

Because of that I’m approaching the job hunt in two ways. Firstly I am approaching it completely traditionally, I have a CV ready to be tailored to specific jobs advertised, I’ve contacted a number of people in the trade and am trying to network as best as I can. I’ve started to contact specialist recruitment agencies and so on.

The second approach is a complete gamble, as far as I know nobody has yet really tried this but my aim is to exploit Social Media to get word out that a) I exist, b) I’m worth employing and c) I am looking for a job. To do this I’m using the hash tag #findtimajob and am hoping that friends and contacts and other people might choose to use the tag to highlight my job hunt. This is more of a social media experiment than a serious job hunt – it’s an unexplored area that may or may not work. So the race is on – where will I find a job first – through traditional methods – or will the power of Twitter (& Facebook) come to the fore and prove me wrong – and find me a job? Only time will tell.

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