Cousino Macul – Chile


Cousino Macul is one of the great old wine estates of Chile having been founded in 1856. Today it is still in family hands with the original estate within Santiago city boundaries. However this is now used solely for the production of their so called ‘icon’ wines (not a term I like really) while all the other wines are now made at a modern winery a little to the South  in Buin. The old estate itself is a large walled estate with some vines but also extensive grounds, gardens and a house that dominate the local neighbourhood. We tasted a good selection of wines with their winemaker however of all the estates we visited this was one where we arrived and appeared to be unexpected and where the welcome was a little less warm.


Isidora Sauvignon Gris 2013

Aromatic, bright with good freshness. Textural and with a long finish. Good levels of concentration this is rounded and soft.

Antiguas Reservas Chardonnay 2012

Lovely freshness and brightness of fruit but a little bit wrecked by slightly clumsy use of oak which overwhelms the relatively lean Chardonnay fruit. Not terrible by any means but a little bit more restraint would have made something really delicious. There is an unoaked Chardonnay that I definitely prefer.

Isidora Riesling 2012

Precise, a touch of residual sugar but quite rounded and elegant. Lovely lime scented fruit this is very drinkable with mineral notes and  good length. It has some lovely floral, elderflower notes and just a touch of petrol about it with good concentration.

Isidora Rose’ 2013

Fresh and fruity, bright but pretty simple. Not much to dislike here but then not the most interesting thing either. Good quaffable pink wine. Safe.

Don Matias Reserva Merlot 2012 

Plump plummy fruit, nice freshness, touch of pencil lead and leafy green character. Well put together and pretty commercial. Not bad value.

Don Matias Reserva Cabernet 2012

Some varietal character, good concentration and nicely textural. Rich ripe fruit that just about manages to stay the right side of over ripe but has fleshy plumpness. Pretty good really.

Don Matias Reserva Syrah 2012

Quite fresh in style with some pleasant aromatics, bright and fragrant and showing good concentration and brightness.

Antiguas Reservas Merlot 2011

Grippy tannins and plump fruit with freshness and a degree of elegance. Lovely plummy rred fruits and mineral character. Reasonable length.

Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Dark blackcurrant and black cherry fruit with good concentration and elegance. Lots of tannis but they are fine and ripe and supported with good levels of acidity.

Antiguas Reservas Syrah 2011

Very peppery fruit, fresh – the oak is a little prevalent here for me. Tight and very spice ridden at the moment. Needs to settle I feel.

Finis Terrae 2010

Really quite fine, lovely fruit and great concentration and  elegance. This has length, poise and structure. Really very good indeed. (72% Cabernet, 20% Merlot, 8% Syrah)

Lota 2008

Really lovely developing aromas of red and black fruits. Supple, ripe fine tannins, lovely texture – this is currently in a really good place right now. The fruit is really forward but is being backed with some secondary aromas coming through and shows really lovely balance.

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