A mature Portuguese Red

A supplier popped in with someone from a winery based in the Alentejo to taste some wines, their basic red wine – the attractively priced, packaged and tasting Ciconia has been one of the reasons that our Portuguese range has been reinvigorated and has given our Portuguese sales some real momentum as well as being a great starting point for many people.

We tasted their latest release of Ciconia Tinto as well as the Branco and the more serious Seleccionada Colheita Tinto and Branco which were much more serious but retailing at between £9.99 and £10.99 are also fantastic value for the savvy UK wine buyer. We’re hoping that we’ll buy some and do some in-store tasting days with the wine which should work really well. We had bought some of the better red a couple of years ago for an Alentejo tasting and happened to have a single bottle left – all the other remaining bottles having made their way home with me at some stage – however I’d held out on this one after the last bottle I had was faulty. The current release  was 2010 and the bottle on the shelf 2006 so I took the opportunity to buy, open the bottle and taste with the latest vintage too.

Deep mahogany in colour but significantly lighter in colour than the current vintage, sweet plum and tobacco on the nose, hints of sweet spice and a touch of confection. In the mouth it has good definition, fresh acidity sweet fruit and spice and a touch of grip. I wouldnt’ keep it any longer being absolutely at it’s best but this is a wine for immediate enjoyment but is well enough put together to soften off and sweeten up with a bit of time.

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