An American Inspired IPA

I picked up this bottle at a farm shop in north Somerset, and was initially taken in – like many of us initially are – by the label. It’s young, funky and cool and comes from Bristol Beer Factory – a somewhat industrial name for what is a boutique craft brewery – albeit one with sensation packaging and the look of a brewery much bigger than it is. There were several beers to choose from, but having already spent about 4 months wages on bread and cheese had to limit myself to one bottle – and this was what I settled on. Back then it was warm and sunny and I was on holiday -well away from the excessive rain we find ourselves in now.

Bottled conditioned it claims to be an American inspired IPA – and its name Southville Hop gives a pretty clear indication what to expect. Pale to medium amber in colour its aromas are instantly hoppy, lightly citrus with caramel in malt. On the palate hops is what hits you first and last, but in between the carries that hoppy flavour with good body and sitting at 6.5% its not one to drink a lot of in one session. But it is delicious, it you like your beers heavy on the hop, if you like a bit more restraint then perhaps try something else but it’s a very accomplished ale indeed.

Bristol Beer Factory

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