Gatcombe Farm Shop

So another recommendation for a foodie thing – this time we’re talking farmshop. We turned up in time for coffee at Gatcombe and found a man at the (very 1980’s) carvery bar having a pint of cider for breakfast but once that was out of the way we ventured into the shop itself. Now this is a bit no frills -there isn’t a lot of really pretty things that make you want to pick them up stroke them, spend more money than you can afford on them and so on – in fact I could easily have left if I hadn’t asked the butcher the magic question – are those sausages your own meat?

The proud butcher then tells me that the sausages are home made from their own pigs and all the pork is theirs too, (at which point I’m thinking – I has sausages last night – is two nights running too much?) and then the magic happened – ‘and the beef is ours too’ – ok I thought now we’re talking. This is provenance, there was nothing to tell me where the meat came from, there were no prices – I didn’t have a clue what I’d be spending – anyway I had another look at the meat – the sirloin looked lovely –  but it was bound to be really expensive right? So I asked for a slice of rump – now this wasn’t a slither, it was fat – and was big enough to feed two and half of us well – a big piece of meat. I winced, waiting to find out how much it would cost. £10 maybe, perhaps £15. No, not here £6.56 – BARGAIN. Now I’m thinking – tonight is our last night here – if it’s good would I manage to sneak out and get some more (I didn’t).

Simply cooked (as I do with good ingredients) brought to room temperature, salted, peppered and oiled on both side, about 2 minutes on the first side, a minute and a half second side. A bit raw still, (I’m using a cooker I’ve used once before) 25 seconds more and there we have it, medium to medium rare steak.

It was once of the finest rump steaks I’ve had, (and that was not my cooking), really tender, juicy, flavoursome with a buttery texture and terrific. I have had better beef from a friend of a friend in Devon – but this is a classy and good value steak.

Web Link to Gatcombe Farm Shop

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