Tasting wines in London

Today I got an increasingly rare day out of the office – I’m finding it harder and harder to get out of the office to go to London tastings because of all the other things I need to do. Whether it’s working on a new promotion, an offer, training, covering a shop or planning an event I seem to be busier and busier – that’s a good thing -but its really important that no matter how tired I am I try to keep in with tasting and have an understanding of different areas of the world and what is available from them. I’m not looking to taste everything, but I need to both benchmark our current offering but also know what our suppliers have so that if I decide I need something I can lay my hands on the right thing really quickly. This is where my slightly scary tasting recollection is invaluable – I tasted 100 wines today – and of those I rated I’ve logged in my mind that when I need them they are there.

Today there were a few highlights, I was reminded just how brilliant Italy can be, I was particularly impressed by some natural Sicilian wines, Guccione Arturo di Lanzeria Perricone 2009 and Guccione Gibril Nerello Mascalese 2009 both had really typical Italian fruit and perfume but had purity, focus and felt really authentic.

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