An alternative varietal wine from Australia

I can’t remember when I last bought a Merlot, it’s been a long time since I bought much in the way of Cabernet either and instead have bought Monastrell, Sangiovese or blends. I just don’t find them to be very interesting – maybe it’s because I’m tasting a lot of wines from those popular varieties that I don’t drink them, maybe it’s because we’re all going to get bored of same old same old.

Perhaps that is why when I look at the wines I’ve bought in for a short Australian promotion there are some less common names there. Sure they’re common somewhere – but maybe not Australia. A quick review sees Italian varieties Moscatel, Nebbiolo, Fiano and Sangiovese added to our range along with this French minority. There are plenty of interesting grapes grown in Australia that are becoming more and more important (although still quite niche) but as the modern Australian industry matures diversification and matching new (and existing) regions to Italian, Spanish or other varieties could still see some real classics unleashed.

Trentham Estate Petit Verdot 2008

Not made in one of Australia’s recognised premium wine regions, rather Trentham are about the best producer in the Riverland area. This is deeply coloured with sweet brambly fruit, subtle spice and a soft texture. There is something inky and slightly meaty/savoury that I find really quite attractive and yet distinctively different. Coming in around £10 a bottle it’s also a bit of a bargain.

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