Peter Barry’s new wine

Jim Barry was one of Australia’s true wine legends, creating a winery and brand that has been continued onwards and upwards by his son Peter. Today a third generation of Barry are involved in the business, as Peter’s son Tom gets involved in the winery there seems no doubt that this will continue to be one of Australia’s greatest family owned estates.

Jim Barry PB 2006 Shiraz Cabernet, Clare Valley, Australia

‘PB’ which stands for all sorts of things depending on who you speak to (Personal Best, Peter Barry but actually stands for Personal Bottling) is as lush Shiraz Cabernet blend with the pure defined fruit you would expect from a Jim Barry wine.

First made in 2002 purely for Peter Barry as a personal experiment for his own enjoyment  by 2005 the wine was drinking so beautifully that he decided to expand production to commercial levels – and it’s a great thing for us that he did – this wine is stonkingly good.

It’s not yet available in the UK, the first shipment is due towards the end of March – but it’s really well worth trying to find someone (anyone) that has some.

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