A serious well made Argentinian wine

This wine was definitely the highlight of an pleasant afternoon spent recently tasting through some Argentinian wines, and really goes to prove that Argentina has lots to offer the wine world. This is a pretty complete wine, there is plenty of fruit, however it is kept nicely in check so that it isn’t all about massive fruit rather there is finesse and restraint shown, and unlike some wines that restraint is not manifested in unripeness and green flavours. It comes from Mendoza, which is Argentina’s biggest wine region by some margin, and certainly where the best Malbec based wines I’ve tasted have come from. Despite the heat in Argentina this isn’t a big jammy beast, like so many wine from Mendoza and the key here is party the altitude that the grapes are grown at (980m) but a subtle blend of grapes that allows different grapes to bring different character to the wine, rather than relying on one grape to do it all – in which case often the only way to assure all elements are present is to get the grapes really ripe and then add acidity to the wine.

Pulenta Gran Corte 2008

43% Malbec, 31 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 6 % Petit Verdot, 4% Cabernet Franc

An intriguing Bordeaux blend with Malbec dominating, this is very fine with lovely grippy texture, fine restrained nose showing the typical bramble fruit notes of Malbec with the dark berry fruit of Cabernet. The addition of other grapes seems to have rounded out the palate giving a pretty complete wine that is complex and concentrated but with perfume and finesse. A fantastic wine.

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