Does Argentina do Sauvignon?

I’m not sure whether I mean  -Blanc or Cabernet, both have so far tended to leave me feeling a little bit vacuous. On the one hand the Cabernet fruit can be nicely ripe but that old Cab issue of a hollow mid palate does seem to come back and bite it (hard) in Argentina – it may be to do with levels of ripeness, (whilst being ripe the wines are really not overripe here) it may be that glycerol levels are pretty low compared to some other Cabernets (although to be fair pure varietal, unblended Cab is hard to get right on a budget) or I wonder whether they are just released a little bit early and need time to do a bit of developing in bottle.

But no it’s not Cab that is the horror Sauv as far as I am concerned – so far in my Argentina discovery I’ve tasted 8 Sauvignon Blancs – now I would never, and should never write something off when I’ve tasted such a small % of the total – however it has to be said that so far I haven’t taken to a single one of them. For me there are some weird flavours going on, in some I get sweaty onions (not a good thing!) in others it’s a bit fresher but still quite vegetal (kale perhaps) but definitely not something that I personally would shell out my hard earned cash.

Now that might change – I have sitting on my desk Riglos Quinto Sauvignon which looking at the costing would retail at around £15 -17. That is quite some ask for a Sauvignon from anywhere, I can buy some very very good Sancerre or Pouilly Fume for that money and certainly some of the best from South Africa, Chile or New Zealand too – so to justify the price it is going to have to be pretty special. We shall see. For now – I can’t find much to recommend Argentinian Sauvignon.

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