Another year down – what can we look forward to?

It seems that everywhere I look, whether Facebook, Twitter on reading people’s blogs, people are generally happy to see the back of 2011 – there are some great reasons why it’s been a bad year for some people – bereavement, illness, unemployement – on the other hand there are other for whom the general media malaise in the country seems to be the only real issue – so why look forward to 2012 so much.

Sure there’s the Olympics, the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and hope (where would we be without hope?), but what have I really got to look forward to in 2012 with any certainty? In 2011 I spent the entire year employed – there is no certainty that will always be the case in the current financial climate. I suppose I can look forward to my eyebrows continuing to get bushier, my hair greyer and more hair to try and grow out of my ears (but only until Mrs Wine spots it and attacks with the tweezers)

I have thought about writing a wine book, although I’m not sure it would published it may be cathartic in itself, I could perhaps decide to find a new job, perhaps one that pays a little better – but essentially I’m mistaken in thinking that there is any reason for 2012 being better than 2012. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I am still the very same sinner, living in the same fallen world – and as a Christian that sucks – but then it’s supposed to!

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