According to statistics Halloween is the biggest retail shopping event in the UK after Christmas and Easter – or to put it another way a pagan festival comes in third after two Christian ones.

Which is rather strange, I mean if Christmas and Easter are so important to us that we spend a small fortune celebrating them, how is it that their polar opposite is important to us to.

The answer is of course that for most people, all three are merely an excuse to have some form of celebration, whilst their true meaning has been lost in the annuls of time. How many people who will celebrate Christmas this year actually believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? Or how many who will gorge themselves on chocolate at Easter will actually put their faith and ideals into the person of Jesus Christ?

There is though real, and unexpected danger with Halloween, and it all started out so well. It started at the eve of All Hallows day – that is a day to celebrate the Saints – which we can refer to those who have been called home by Jesus.

But somewhere along the line it has been taken over by pagans to celebrate witchcraft, wizardry and other pagan rituals and beyond that by retailers and the general public to have fun with and make some money. Why the danger? Well the Bible is pretty clear – witchcraft is evil and the powers and spells that are invoked are of Satan and not of God – so people – if you get involved in celebrating Halloween you are effectively celebrating all that is not good.

Those who ‘worship’ mother nature, the elements and the starts need to realise that they are false gods, they are demonic evil spirits that are abhorrent to the creator God.

Worse still there is a danger from treating Halloween as a joke, something to laugh about, and by association so too are the demons and evil spirits that little children dress up as something to laugh about – but they are no laughing matter – evil exists, demonic powers exist and they have real power and hold over people causing them to turn to darkness, to do evil deeds and leading people down a path that only leads to destruction – that doesn’t sound like much of a joke to me. To laugh it off as nothing is foolish, to play with fire. If you choose to be involved in witchcraft and paganism that is your choice, and if (as I believe) there is a final day of reckoning with the Lord, you will have no complaints. BUT if you just get stuck into Halloween because you think it’s a bit of fun, think again – and please make an informed choice about what you are doing – it really isn’t worth it.

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